Research is the Basis of Effective Marketing

Clayton has been called on by people to research so many different things within the internet that he has become a research hog and goes out of his way to learn as much about whatever is on his mind at any given point, quite frankly it is annoying that I think I need to know as much as possible about anything that gets my attention! Take this power and put it forth into finding the perfect marketing technique for the business he is working with and you are almost guaranteed to rank quickly, just trust his instinct, it may be unorthodox to some but he has gained rapport with those he has worked with in the past. It is truly amazing that at 50+ of age and never grew up with computers that I just have a knack for finding what works, for any company!

Most companies grossly undervalue and underestimate the benefit of conducting quality research before they invest in advertising and marketing. By gaining a better (and evidenced-based) understanding of your customer, your competitors and your market, you can more effectively develop strategic objectives which improve growth, embrace sustainability, and deliver to your customers a quality experience that meets and exceeds their expectations.

At Thor Marketing, we begin with a thorough understanding of your brand, your goals for your brand and your brand’s challenges before we start to develop creative. Armed with this knowledge, we can effectively develop strategic objectives which will improve growth, embrace sustainability, and deliver a quality experience to your customers. All of which are critically important to the success of our marketing efforts for your brand.

If it doesn’t compel your target, it’s not creative

Thor Marketing delivers exceptional creative to help distinguish your brand from the pack, while elevating and amplifying your brand’s value perception at the same time. We take the time to strategize and digest your business and its unique marketing goals. Then, we build out top-notch creative while engaging and inserting communication pieces aligning with your specific strategic objectives.

Crisp, clean and most importantly, compelling

Our innovative creative is designed to engage and compel people – not audiences – through targeted advertising and messaging driven by fresh ideas that color outside of the lines. Throughout the process, we enjoy collaborating with our clients to ensure a synergistic creative process that’s unique, special, fun and clearly communicated. Let’s make magic together.

Collaboration is key

Our process is open and energetic. We invite feedback and encourage input to ensure all efforts are centralized around results. Thor Marketing produces outstanding creative to help any brand distinguish itself from the rest, while elevating its value perception at the same time. That’s not the goal. It’s the result.